just braw.

Nice.  Brilliant.  Fantastic.  Amazing.  Roll them all together and you have braw.  If you are looking for help with photography, imagery or design we can help.

Who Are We?

Welcome to Myers Photography & Design, based in Edinburgh, Scotland.  We are a small team of experienced graphic designers, offering varied design services for anyone in need.  We use the very latest cutting edge technology, hardware and software and we work with our clients to deliver the most original, innovative and downright braw imagery possible.

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Who We Work With?

Distance is no barrier - we are based in Edinburgh, but work with business and private clients worldwide.  We are happy to look at all projects on their own merits and work with businesses of all shapes and sizes.  We are equally happy to work directly with clubs, organisations and private individuals. If you have a need for ANY services we provide, we are happy to work with you.

Click here to get in touch today and we'll be happy to discuss your requirements.

What Do You Offer?

The Dark Stones CD Cover
Album & Cover Design

We design covers for albums, singles and EP's for bands and musicians directly.  We are also happy to work with record labels and publishers of all sizes.  In addition, we design book covers and covers for other printed media.  Our designs are delivered digitally and are perfect for online usage or for printing if you so wish.

Tartan Eagle Logo
Logo Design

We can design a logo for your business, organisation, brand or product with minimal fuss and can turn around logo designs quickly.  We go the extra mile and gather your thoughts and your ideas then incorporate those into your logo design wherever possible.  The results speak for themselves and just love designing logos!

Character Concept
Games Related Design

Designs for games are vast and we do them all!  We can produce photorealistic character concepts, illustrated concepts and we can also deliver similar output for assets.  We produce contact sheets for buildings, props and more and offer backdrops, concept designs for UI/UX and many other aspects of games design/concepts.

MyersConceptArt Small
Concept Art

Concept Art is a huge area and encompasses many different aspects of design.  It's impossible to cover all the areas in which we can design concept graphics here though it's fair to say if you can dream it we can design it.  We are happy to work with anyone for any concept art needs - if you simply want a beautiful image for your wall at home and don't know how to get that...we can help!  Real location or otherwise, we'll make it happen.

Jigsaw Mockup
Product Mockups

We do all our own product mockups across our brands and there is no reason why we cannot do yours too!  Sometmimes it's impossible to visualise your product before it's manufactured and sometimes you just need an image to help your sales or to showcase your product without the need for a photographer to do that.  Whatever product mockups you need, we can help without any limits on product type,

General Graphic Design

Graphic Design incorporates the design of graphics for anything, anywhere for anyone.  The clue is right there in the name and with the best will in the world, we can't list out every type of graphic we can help you imagine and design.  Instead, we'll just say if you need a design for something (anything) and it is not explicitly mentioned here, just let us know and we will invariably be able to help regardless of your project size or needs.

Something Different?  No problem.

Do you have a project that you can't visualise?  Perhaps you are just plain stuck in a rut and don't know what to do next and how to get it moving.  Fear not...THAT, is where we come in!  Gather any thoughts (and anything else you have) for the project, get it all together and get in touch with us today!

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A Few Recent designs

The Dark Stones CD Cover
Character Concept
Character Concept
Tartan Eagle Logo
James Adamson CD Cover
Character Concept
Game Asset Concept
Gait Games Logo

Other Services We Offer

Colin Myers Photography offers a complete photography service serving Edinburgh, central Scotland and the rest of the world beyond.  We also offer all Colin Myers imagery spanning more than 11,000 images of Edinburgh and Scotland beyond in his own unique style, available for use in your commercial or editorial projects.  A large number of artworks are also available for similar usage and a significant collection of product and stock images are available upon request.  Get in touch to discuss your requirements today here.

Colin Myers Colin Myers Photography

Braw Wee Prints offers a complete range of personalised and bespoke image products directly to the general public.  All images and designs produced by Braw Wee Prints are available to purchase in digital format as well as professionally printed as greetings cards, photographic prints, stationery, invitations and many other printed media.  Custom projects are also undertaken and imagery can be supplied for clients worldwide.  Click here for more information or get in touch to discuss your project.

Jaymie Myers Braw Wee Prints